Iran, Russia and Turkey fail to agree on stopping the attacks in Syria’s Idlib

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According to recent reports, on Friday Russia, Turkey and Iran presidents failed to come to an agreement on ceasefire which would lead to Syrian government going offensive within the rebel-held Idlib provinc. According to reports, the United Nations in their statement are concerned in humanitarian catastrophe happening which would be involving over hundreds of thousands of civilians within the province. According to Turkey’s leader, Tayyip Erdogan, Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin and Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani in a meeting which took place in Tehran during a summit focused on the key foreign parties in Syria’s war come to an agreement in a closing statement that there might be no military solution concerning the current conflict and according to them this could only end by a negotiated political process. However, Syrian government together with Russian warplanes on the other hand on Friday mounted air strikes in Idlib province which was considered a full-scale offensive. Nevertheless, Rouhani and Putin pushed back during this meeting against Erdogan’s call for truce.

Likewise, The Turkish leader in a statement said that he feared massacre which could occur and that Turkey would not accommodate additional refugees who at the moment are flooding all over its border. Putin on the other hand said that a ceasefire would on Idlib province would be pointless and this would not involve any of the Islamist militant groups but it is aimed at counter attacking the existing terrorists within the province. Rouhani nevertheless added that Syria must and should regain control over its territory including Idlib province which at the moment is faced by terrorists who have caused havoc and assault all over the province making majority of people to flee from their homes to the neighboring countries until this havoc is over. Idlib province however is the insurgents whereby only the remaining areas are the major stronghold and any kind of government offensive would be initiation of a decisive battle. Nevertheless, Tehran and Moscow have assisted Assad in turning course of the war against the terrorist within Idlib province from the Western-backed rivals.