Military communications pact between U. S and India

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According to recent reports, India and the United States have come to an agreement through the signing of an accord concerned with secure military communications whereby both sides as a major breakthrough. This accord between these two countries was made possible early on Thursday where the two countries met and agreed on the accord before entering into a sealed agreement. However, from this accord, there is a greater possibility of an open window whereby due to this agreement between the two countries India may benefit from sales of exclusive U.S. military equipment. This equipments developed by the U. S military is one of a kind since the most if the money in the U. S is budgeted under the military.

Nevertheless, this pact between U. S.  and India was signed after Mike Pompeo, U. S. Secretary of State and Jim Mattis, the U.S. Defence Secretary had a sitting with Sushma Swaraj, Indian’s Foreign Minister and Nirmala Sitharaman, the Defence Minister for talks which were aimed on deepening security and political ties between the two countries. According to reports, this two largest World’s democracies have been drawn closer to each other over the recent years, with the motives and aim of developing ways of counterbalancing China’s influence spreading across Asia, and more so it’s extended influence to notably countries like Southeast Asia, Pakistan and more so the Indian Ocean.

However, Pompeo arrived in India, he had talks in Islamabad together with Pakistan’s new government and Army generals where the purpose of the meeting was to ensure a smooth tie between Pakistan and the U. S.  and more so overcoming the created tensions after President Trump took tough initiative on a new line aimed at Pakistan over the longstanding accusations that Pakistan is not doing enough in ensuring the rooting of Afghan Taliban fighters who exist till today on Pakistan territory. In addition to this, the existing U.S. troops present in Afghanistan has flagged U.S. sensitivity on the rivalry between India’s nuclear weapons and Pakistan. However, Washington together with Indian’s New Delhi discussed matters concerning Pakistan-based currently existing in the western and more so the Indian Islamist militant groups existing on northern India.