Peronism no K raises a budget with adjustments and a tax on banks

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There are still 61 days until the Executive sends to Congress the 2018 budget project that, in view of the election year, seems to anticipate that contest in Parliament. For now, the opposition Peronist seems not to waste time and prepares an alternative project where they will run to the government … “with a more sensible adjustment”, according to one of its most exalted operators with an office in Deputies.

Daily calls with the governors, realignment of forces around the axis Sergio Massa, Miguel Pichetto and Juan Manuel Urtubey are part of a frantic agenda for those who do not want to be like “irresponsible Peronism”.

There are expenses that do not intend to touch as the subsidies to the Patagonian provinces for $ 100 million or what La Pampa receives that was for the equivalent of $ 890 million in 2017 and that this year collapsed to 115 million and that Governor Verna seeks to carry to its old level to justify that they are funds for vaccines in hospitals and the teaching incentive.

“We gave the government time that has to understand that it is very difficult to approve a budget that comes with the stamp of the IMF,” says the deputy-operator. “We propose to increase some resources and adjust in irrational expenses,” he adds.

– Are you thinking about new taxes?

-In some type of tax on the profits of the banks and in stopping the reduction of the income tax to the companies that raised the tax reform. The other focus is the rationality of spending.

-Where would the scissors go?

-There are 23 ministries with 23 ceremonials and everything that implies. That is irrational. We propose eliminating the number of people and consultants who work in communication via social networks in Casa Rosada and in various ministries. The decree of the Government in that sense is not serious, it is necessary to make a census of employees, dependencies and preserve areas such as health, science and technology and public works.

Economists like Marco Lavagna, Santiago López Alfaro and Marcelo Bosch work on the proposal.

Meanwhile, that sector of Peronism ensures that with the end of the judicial fair there will be a resolution by Judge Servini on the fate of the PJ, which would be “without Gioja and without Barrionuevo”. When it happens, it will light up a party congress in August with a focus on the 2019 presidential campaign. They say it actually starts in December: the first election is scheduled in the province of Catamarca.