Putin Anticipated Big Win After the NATO Summit with President Donald Trump

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North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO), formed in the late 90’s by several European countries, U.S.A and U.K to ensure powerful military alliances to prevent invention of this countries by the powerful Soviet Union yesterday had a meeting. This meeting was scheduled to determine the way forward between the countries involved and also adjust the number of military troops sent to different countries within the NATO organization.

According to the reports, president Donald Trump, the most powerful president in the world arrived later in the meeting. According to reporters, the U.S. president arrived 35 minutes late. This was a bad sign to the involved representative. Bearing in mind that the U.S. contributes nearly half of the troops to this organization.

In the meeting, thing did get so good. Everything seemed well until when the president of the U.S.A called the other alliances “delinquent”. According to president Donald Trump, the other involved allies in the NATO organization are not spending enough on their troops. Trump went to an extend of saying that due to this “delinquent” allies, he might need to pull off his troops from this country.

This above statement from Donald Trump led to cancellation of the Thursday meeting in order to have an emergency private meeting between the U.S. president and Stoltenberg. Stoltenberg did this so as to hear out the concerns of Donald Trump.

According to president Donald Trumps, he termed Germany as a “captive” to Russia. He said that Germany is a captive to the Soviet Union since nearly 75% of its energy is imported from the Soviet Union. Putin on the other hand was planning to divide the NATO organization but after this meeting, it is clear that president Trump has did this division for Putin.

Reports says that this is a boom to Putin since this was his idea all along to develop weakness within the NATO organization and concern the powerful military alliance. According to report this will get worse when trump goes one on one to meet Putin. This is considered a win since Putin just needs to plead for an alliance with the U.S.