Special reports shows that e-cigarettes contain High-nicotine but still the flooding the market despite FDA rule

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According to recent reports, the newly developed sleek Juul electronic cigarettes today has become a phenomenon in the U.S. vexing educators, high schools and more so influencing individuals since the cigarettes draw regulatory scrutiny which overcomes their high nicotine content and the sweet flavors added in the circumstance.
Recently, according to reports a new lower-priced wave Juul has knock-off and from health research department, the juul cigarettes are seen showing up in convenience stores, online and vape shops despite the U.S. Food and Drug Administration cancelling and ruling over this products.  The administration banned all kind of sale of this new developed e-cigarette products immediately after the August 2016 meeting.

The administration banned the entire sale of this product without any kind of regulatory approval. Nevertheless, major tobacco and start-ups firms currently are launching over the dozen of new and highly nicotinic devices which look alike to the Juul designs after the FDA previously imposed a deadline, according to review from reporters, the companies’ online advertising platform announced this in a public statements through their social media posts.

However, earlier this month, the FDA threatened to stop all Juul and other four leading vaping products only if their makers comes up with ways or step in so as to prevent the products being used and manipulated by the minors.

In accordance to the FDA threats,  the warning was given to these companies shortly after introducing a new slew of Juul copycats immediately after the August 2016 deadline which the FDA offered the companies with no regulatory consequences of any kind.

In a statement, the agency said to the reporters that the administration was currently investigating whether a number of brands are selling without proper FDA approval and according to the agency statement if any brand is found operating under unauthorized FDA approval then the agency will take additional action to this brands.

The agency nevertheless said that it would highly focus on products which contain high nicotine concentrations and more so additional flavors which appears to be targeting young people. The agency added that it will take wherever appropriate swift action.