To curb the dollar, the Central Bank sold more than US $ 1,100 million in two weeks

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The Central Bank sold US $ 187.5 million on Monday to contain the dollar that remained at $ 20.54. Since it began to intervene in the exchange, the BCRA accumulates sales of US $ 1,122.5 million in the last 15 days. Before the appearance of the monetary authority selling foreign currency, the bill threatened to go up eight cents. The overheating in the demand occurs in a context of expectation in the financial market before the tender of Lebacs that will take place on Tuesday the entity that commands Federico Sturzenegger.

The wholesale dollar continued yesterday dominated by the BCRA that until the last moment, missing ten minutes for the closing of the market, sold currencies in the wholesale market to lower the exchange rate to $ 20.20, the same price recorded on Friday.

On Tuesday, the challenge will be greater, since operators are waiting for the rates that the BCRA will validate in its monthly Lebacs tender.

The amount of bills to overcome exceeds $ 520,000 million, or US $ 25,000 million, that is, it is equivalent to almost 40% of the monetary reserves held by the monetary authority. It will be key, according to the operators, that the BCRA maintain the rate at 26.75% per year or even raise it. With the inflationary expectation on the rise, a reduction could mean a rebound of the dollar on Wednesday, according to the banks’ operating tables.